Will Toothpaste Remove Scuffs From Your Car’s Paint?


Hey Autobloggers! Welcome to another episode of Car Hacks. Your vehicle probably deals with abuse on a daily basis, and sometimes you step out of your local grocery store and find scuffs on the paint. Most of us don’t have the money to get every scuff
removed professionally, so we’re going to try this cheap alternative hack that claims to remove scuffs by using toothpaste. Let’s try it out

So what exactly are scuffs? Scuffs are minor, barely visible scratches that typically don’t penetrate the clear coat of your paint.

Let me explain, your car’s exterior is made of 4 layers: Clear coat, base coat, primer, and body panel. Anything that scratches beyond the clear coat needs to be treated professionally.

The hack that we’re using is asking for whitening toothpaste with tartar protection. The idea is that the toothpaste will act as an abrasive, similar to other abrasives found in car polish. First, clean the area with car soap and water Then, apply a generous amount of the toothpaste on a towel and scrub the scuffed area The action of rubbing it against the car removes microscopic layers of film and clear coat causing the scuff to look invisible.

Once you’re done, carefully wash the area and wipe it away. Here’s the before and after.
Even though it removed some of the scuff, it didn’t quite remove it all.

Did I miss a step? Did this hack work for you in the past? Let me know.

Hacks are fun to try but for tips on how to professionally care for your vehicle
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In this episode of Car Hacks, Amr tries using toothpaste to remove scuffs from his car’s paint. Will this hack be a cheap alternative to actual car polish? Or will it leave his car minty fresh? Watch and find out. Want more Car Hacks? Head over to https://www.autoblog.com/tag/car+hacks

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