Why We No Longer Use Fluoride Toothpaste (Blog Trailer)

This video is an introduction to our article “Hidden Dangers of Fluoride in Toothpaste (Water and Foods). Alternatives”. It explains why we no longer use fluoride toothpaste and how we take Naturopathic Control over the challenge of fluoridation.

We no longer use fluoride toothpaste. Are we following a fad? Are we fanatics?

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Since the 1930s, people have been taught that fluoride strengthens our teeth and prevents decay. Our dentists even offer us fluoride treatments hoping to help us. So what more does one need to know?

The incidence of tooth decay has fallen in the US where many cities have fluoridated tap water. Isn’t that evidence enough that fluoride protects teeth?

If our usage of toothpaste is limited to the prescribed safe pea-sized amount and we do not swallow it, why should we still worry about fluoride? While fluorosis affects many people, it does not affect us personally. So why should we be concerned if we do not suffer from dental problems? Children swallow colorful and delicious toothpaste all the time. Why should we be afraid for them?

Let us explain what research reveals and why we take ‘Naturopathic Control’ by resorting to fluoride alternatives.

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