Whitening Teeth With Homemade Toothpaste! ~ Homesteading Ways

There are many chemicals in commercial toothpastes. This is probably why so many people are buying more natural toothpastes or making their own at home. It’s pretty simple to do with only a few ingredients. This recipe is designed to help whiten your teeth with regular use. You won’t get that super-white, fake hollywood white that screams “bleach”, but you WILL end up with a brighter, whiter smile that you have now. If you would like to speed up the whitening you could also add a 1 part water 1 part hydrogen peroxide rinse 2x a week. Coffee, tea, colas, red wine, smoking, and age all add to our teeth darkening and becoming stained. This safe paste will help to remove some of the discoloration. Here are a few links describing the benefits of each of the ingredients.




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