Whiten Teeth On The Go With doTERRA Toothpaste Samples

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Did you know?
This is an amazing whitening toothpaste that comes in a convenient individual packaging that you can grab and go with on trips or allows you to share it with 10 of your friends more easily.

The main use of the doTERRA Toothpaste Samples is topically on your teeth (or pearly whites!)

The main benefits of this Toothpaste includes:
– Convenient travel size
– Whitens teeth
– Fluoride free
– Freshens breath

How to use this Toothpaste for best results:
– Open up a packet and apply a pea-size amount of toothpaste to a moistened toothbrush.

– Brush for a few minutes after each meal or at least morning and night for best results.

In Summary:
The doTERRA Toothpaste samples are a great way for you to receive the power of the immunity boosting On Guard blend and whiten your teeth at the same time! You will see best results if you avoid the things that stain your teeth like coffee, but you can use doTERRA’s Mito2Max if you need an energy drink replacement!

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