Top Local Dentist SW Denver

Top Local Dentist Denver

” Look for the ADA seal on toothpastes, which entails the products have been approved for their gentle abrasiveness. Lots of whitening toothpastes out there are harsh to enamel and should be avoided .” — Brandon Hall, Riverfront Dental Designs

” An anti-inflammatory diet high inantioxidants–like dark, leafy greens and colorful peppers–will translate to healthier gums and teeth. Inflamed gums are a potential indicator of high levels of rednes in other areas of the body, such as coronary arteries and the brain, as well as a sign of diabetes or kidney malfunction
–Brett H. Kessler, TownCenter Dentistry and Orthondontics

” Patients should be wary of any shopping-mall or in-office whitening system that claims to lighten or whiten teeth in a day. They expose teeth to air and often use heat from a light source; this causes teeth to dry out, which induces them lighter for a short time. When the teeth rehydrate( approximately 48 hours later ), they go back to their original colouring .” — David S. Bennet, Bennett Signature Dentistry

” Nothing done in the dental office should feel worse after two days. If it’s not better in 48 hours, it’s time for telephone calls or office visit .” — Jeffrey L. Kaes

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