Top 10 Surprising Uses of Toothpaste You Didn’t Know

This video is about Top 10 Surprising Uses of Toothpaste.

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1. Baby Bottles
Remove that sour-milk-smell baby bottles get by scrubbing with a water-and-toothpaste mixture. Rinse very thoroughly with water or toss the bottles into the dishwasher.

2. Carpet Stains
Squeeze toothpaste directly onto the carpet stain and scrub it with a toothbrush. Then rinse and repeat the process until the stain disappears. Not much different than brushing your teeth, is it?

For truly stubborn stains, like vomit from aging cats, you might need to go with a professional carpet-cleaning product, like those available with Pet Street Mall coupon codes. 

3. Cell Phone Screens
Unprotected mobile-phone screens become scratched to heck over time. Lightly rub the screen with a touch of toothpaste and your finger. Rinse with a damp cloth and dry. This also works on watch crystals, for those of us Luddites who still wear watches.

4. Clothing Stains
If toothpaste works on your carpets, it should work equally well on cloth. Apply the toothpaste directly to the stained area with a bit of water and rub hard before popping in the washer. This may not work on all fabrics or stains but it’s quite effective on ink and shirt-collar stains. You may have to repeat this process if the stain is old.

Of course, you don’t want to use whitening toothpastes on colored fabrics. Instead, use a basic toothpaste without bleaching agents for this purpose.

5. Crayon on Painted Walls
Children, crayons and walls are natural attractants. No need to panic. Just gently rub a damp cloth and some toothpaste on your child’s masterpiece, then inse with a wet cloth and dry.

Make sure you run a test on a small area of the wall before applying to a large area, just in case the paint can’t handle even a mild abrasive.

For high-gloss walls where toothpaste might remove some of the shine, purchase the exceptionally handy Goo Gone. As with toothpaste, make sure you try a test run first.

6. Leather
Put a dab on leather scuffs, rub in with a soft cloth, and rinse with a damp cloth. Works well on shoes, purses, coats or anything else made of leather.

7. Linoleum Scuffs
Scrub scuff marks with toothpaste and a dry cloth until no residue remains.

8. Piano Keys
Tidy up those ivories before you tickle them. Rub each key gently with a damp, cotton swab and a touch of paste. Wipe dry and buff with a clean cloth. It takes time, but you’ll be stunned by how nice your keyboard looks at the end of the project.

9. Patio Furniture
Apply some elbow grease, a brush and a mixture of toothpaste and water. Use a teeth-whitening paste on white furniture for the perfect shine.

10. Silver and Brass
Use a soft toothbrush to scrub lightly with just a dab of paste. Rinse thoroughly and polish with a dry, soft cloth. If toothpaste remains in any cracks, clean the toothbrush thoroughly and brush under water to dislodge the white paste. Dry again and polish.

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