Toothpastes Review: Desert Essence, Tom’s of Maine

These are all cruelty free and vegan.
I wasn’t a particular fan of any of these. Tom’s of Maine in Antiplaque and Whitening works, so I may stick to that. I’m currently testing out Dr. bronner’s in peppermint so we’ll see how that works.

Products mentioned in order from my least favorite to favorite:
5. Baking Soda 0:31
(best for if you are trying to go zero-waste, plastic free, or natural)

4. Tom’s of Maine Whole Care with Fluoride in peppermint 1:50
(Good if you want fluoride, works well, recyclable)

3. Tom’s of Maine Maximum Strength Sensitive in Soothing Mint 3:31
(good if you have sensitive teeth or want fluoride; it works well and is recyclable)

2. Desert Essence Natural Tea Tree Oil Whitening Plus Toothpaste in Cool Mint 4:35
(Good if you want fluoride free & SLS free, works well, not owned by testing company – but has carrageenan)

1. Tom’s of Maine Fluoride Free Antiplaque and Whitening in peppermint 6:30
(Good if you want fluoride free, works well – but has SLS)

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