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Essential Teeth Whitening Kit Information

How do teeth whitening kits work
Teeth whitening kits contain chemicals that seep into the stains and remove them without causing any damage to your dental structure. The most common chemicals in these kits are usually a form of peroxide- either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide.

Most manufacturers have an array of whitening products with various concentrations of these peroxides. Gentle action whitening kits have less peroxide (about 3-5%) and take longer to work than the professional or advanced strength kits (5% plus)

Teeth whitening kits are either:
• Bleaching kits such as whitening strips and whitening trays or
• Abrasive kits such as whitening toothpastes and electric toothbrushes.
Bleaching kits can handle stains both on a surface level and those within the deeper layers of the tooth, while abrasive kits are effective only for surface stains.

Where to buy teeth whitening kits
Teeth whitening kits can be purchased over-the-counter in your local grocery store, a drug store or online. When it comes to the cost of home teeth whitening kits, prices range from -20 for whitening tooth pastes and bleaching kits to -50 for teeth whitening strips. Simple peroxide-based mouthwashes can be purchased for about for a 32 fluid ounce bottle.

How to store your teeth whitening kit at home
For a whitening product to be truly effective it is important to store it properly at home. Home whitening kits should be stored in a cool area of your house at room temperature. Avoid placing your kit in an area of the house where it’s very hot or in direct sunlight. Suitable storage areas include your bedroom closet or a bathroom or kitchen cabinet. You should definitely never store your whitening kit in the freezer.
Most whitening kits have just enough product substance for a single course of treatment and so you should use the whole kit. However if you only use part of the kit, toothpaste or mouthwash, it’s best to discard it after about 6 months and buy a new product if you want to start whitening your teeth again.

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