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Teeth Whitening Long Beach CA Carson Dental and Cosmetic Centre Teeth Whitening is available at the Carson Dental and Cosmetic Centre in Long Beach CA so call them today at 562-988-7788.

Everybody wants to have a prettier whiter smile. There are many options and products are available to help enhance your smile. For some people, good oral hygiene and regular cleaning at our office is all that is needed for a whiter smile, while others may need something else.

If you want to improve your smile safely, you need to be aware of your available whitening options.

If you have an interest in teeth whitening we’d be happy to discuss the different options we have available for you. We’ll let you know which one is right for you.

The effectiveness of whiteners depend largely on how badly the teeth are discolored. Teeth with a yellow tone will bleach well, teeth with a brown tone may not bleach so well, while teeth with a grey tone will probably not bleach at all.

Are you a candidate for teeth whitening? Here are the available options for a brighter, whiter smile!

In-office bleaching: This procedure usually needs just one office visit. This is a very popular procedure because it can be done quickly and is very effective.

At-home bleaching: This procedure uses peroxide which contains whiteners and is placed in trays or mouth guards. Side effects like gum irritation or an increase in sensitivity are common to this procedure. Your dentist will discuss with you any concerns you may have about this procedure.

Whitening toothpastes: If you’ve already tried whitening toothpastes then let us know so we can recommend the best whitening process for you.

We would love to help you get that perfect smile. If teeth whitening is not for you then you may be better off with veneers. Remember we are here to help you get the best smile possible so contact us today.

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