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This video discusses the use of teeth whitening home remedies. It is thought that there are effective natural ways of whitening your teeth at home to get rid of yellow stains and discolouration with proven remedies. However without concrete studies to test these methods their safety and effectiveness is questioned by many.
The main reason that people pursue the use of teeth whitening home remedies using natural alternatives is that a dazzling, bright, whiter and more beautiful smile is high on everyone’s wish list. Some people can afford to pay for an expensive visit to the dentist, while others resort home whitening methods using ingredients found within the home or accessible from local supermarkets. Some of the most popular teeth whitening home remedies are using a whitening toothpaste to brush teeth, brushing with baking soda and water or using at-home bleaching trays which can be purchased from a Dentist or off the shelf whitening strips. One of the first thing people notice when meeting someone new is their teeth and having stained dark yellow teeth does not make a good first impression.
Teeth whitening home remedies are thought to be natural but can be damaging so it is important to use them with care. There are main recipes available on the Internet that claim to whiten teeth however simply because something is called natural does not necessarily mean safe. Many of the key ingredients in teeth whitening home remedies such as lemon and baking soda can be very abrasive and consistent use of such ingredients can damage the tooth enamel by eroding it and leaving dentin exposed. This in turn makes teeth look more yellow so in effect does more harm than good. The best way to keep your teeth white is to avoid staining foods and drinks such as tea, coffee, coca cola, curry, red sauces and cigarettes smoking.
the teeth or using whitening toothpastes.


Ensure that you use the Internet as a research tool for home remedies to see what comes up as being effective and what the reviews say from people who have used teeth whitening home remedies.
Popular teeth whitening home remedies including rubbing strawberries or lemon peel on the teeth once per day for several days, using a solution made up of baking soda and table salt on the teeth or using whitening toothpastes.
Although results can be achieved with teeth whitening home remedies they are usually much more subtle than when having a professional teeth whitening treatment or using specific chemicals on the teeth such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide.


In different parts of the world where professional teeth whitening is not very popular teeth whitening home remedies are used to whiten teeth. In the Middle East and Africe many people use stick from tree called Arak to brush their teeth. This stick is used without toothpaste or water but has the ability of providing a high level of oral hygiene and can help eliminate toothache, bad breath, fight bacteria and whiten teeth.
Our expert in the video does recommend visiting a professional teeth whitening provider instead of relying on teeth whitening home remedies. One of the main reasons for this as mentioned earlier is that make shift solutions at home can be used incorrectly and some ingredients although used commonly within the home are not always the safest. By going to a specialist teeth whitening provider a Dentist will actually check your oral health to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy before you whiten them. In addition many companies that provide tooth whitening and the manufacturers of whitening products spend thousands of pounds and hours testing them to ensure that they are fit for use on people. This does not happen with teeth whitening home remedies and as a result there is a huge risk of people damaging their teeth and gums by using them.
It is almost more recommended to use the proven and tested off the shelf ranges such as teeth whitening strips at home instead of natural remedies simply because you can be sure that they have instructions for usage and are actually proven to work. Be glad that we live in a time where teeth whitening has never been so popular so even if you have a limited budget and cannot afford a laser teeth whitening treatment, there are a huge number of effective whitening products such as the Swissdent Nano particles whitening toothpastes that work extremely well to remove stains however cost as little as £10.

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