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In this video our Teeth whitening expert discusses the popularity of teeth whitening products and how accessible they are in stores like Boots. The boom in the teeth whitening and oral hygiene industries means that the market is now swamped with solution to people teeth whitening needs. High street retailers like Boots, Superdrug and Tesco’s stock many teeth whitening products as people often want well priced off-the-shelf solutions. Boots is one of the leading stores in terms of the teeth whitening range it stocks, probably because of its link with working as a dental services provider. Many Boots stores used to have a in-house Dental Clinic offering services such as teeth whitening however as many closed down, the range of dental products available in-store increased.

Although the range of teeth whitening products in Boots is to be admired, the effectiveness of those products is a subject of debate. There are strict legislations that govern oxidising agents, these are the ingredients that actually work to whiten teeth. Due to the strict legislation which states that teeth whitening products sold to consumers off-the-shelf cannot contain or release hydrogen peroxide (a key oxidising agent) at more than 0.1%, retailers such as Boots are restricted as to what products they can actually sell and how effective the products are. Products such as Crest White strips that are extremely popular in the United States predominantly because they work very well are not available for purchase in the United Kingdom because they percentage of hydrogen peroxide they contain is too high for this market.

So many teeth whitening products sold in Boots and similar retailers often contain natural ingredients that whiten teeth or everyday ingredients found in toothpastes. The amount that these products can whiten teeth is limited. The reason for this is that staining build up within the teeth and not only on the surface, so only oxidising agents are able to penetrate into the teeth and remove discolouration.


If you compare the range of off the shelf products to laser teeth whitening treatments, you will find that laser whitening treatments such as Zoom use hydrogen peroxide as an active ingredient usually with a strength of 35%. This means that in a hour treatment most people will see a noticeable different in the colour of their teeth. Even in the case of professional home teeth whitening, people use up to 15% hydrogen peroxide in trays everyday for seven days to see whitening results. So in comparison off the shelf solutions may make teeth whiter however the result will often be much less visible than with professional teeth whitening.

It is important for retailers like Boots to educate their consumer on teeth whitening products. Many people purchase teeth whitening toothpastes in a bid to get whiter teeth. Whitening toothpastes are often marketed as an easy and cost effective way to whiten teeth however what many consumers do not realise is that whitening toothpastes can have very high levels of abrasion and be very acidic therefore causing harm to tooth enamel. They are harmful as they rub on the enamel and with frequent daily use the enamel can easily get worn out. The point to bear in mind aside from the potentially harmful effects is that they do not bleach teeth so the end result for the consumer will never equal that of a professional whitening treatment.

Our expert does continue to say however that in the past year or two there have been some scientific development in this field and there is now a range of whitening toothpastes available called Swissdent that use nano-technology so that even the common ingredient Calcium peroxide contained in many toothpastes is able to penetrate the tooth enamel, to actually access the staining and work on removing it. The additional benefit of the Swissdent range is that they are proven to have the lowest abrasion levels of any other toothpaste on the market. Swissdent is stocked on Boots online and is well priced at £15.00 — this may seem high for a toothpaste but this range does actually make a difference to the colour of your teeth.

So the good news is that products are making progress with the help of advancing technology however even with a fantastic range of products such as Swissdent, the whitening results cannot be compared to those of a laser whitening treatment.
If you opt for a laser teeth whitening treatment which as the video states is really the best options for those wanting instant and visible teeth whitening results, then it is advisable to purchase a Sensodyne toothpaste from a retailer such as Boots. This comes in handy after chairside treatments where some people do experience sensitivity.

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