Sensodyne True White – Steve Makin

Find out more about Sensodyne True White from Steve Makin, Vice President of Sensodyne R&D.

Sensodyne True White is specially designed to provide expert care for sensitive teeth.
Because sensitive areas of the teeth are up to 10 x softer than enamel, they can be more susceptible to wear from aggressive brushing and abrasive toothpastes.
Many everyday whitening toothpastes have higher abrasivity. Sensodyne True White is 10x less abrasive than many everyday whitening toothpastes.
With sodium tripolyphosphate to gently remove and prevent extrinsic tooth stains, Sensodyne True White helps restore the true white* of sensitive teeth, whilst minimising the wear that many other higher abrasivity whitening toothpastes may cause.

*With twice daily brushing

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