Sensodyne Pronamel Toothpaste & Fluoride Rinse

Sensodyne Pronamel Toothpaste & Fluoride Rinse

1. Sensodyne ProNamel Fresh Breath 4.0oz (113g)- Daily anti-cavity fluoride toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Strengthens and re-hardens enamel. Protects against the effects of acid erosion.

2. Sensodyne Repair & Protect 3.4oz (96.4g)-Toothpaste for sensitive teeth & cavity protection

3. Sensodyne ProNamel Fluoride Rinse 8.4 fl oz (250mL) or 15.5 fl oz (458mL)

Update 1/03/15
I have been getting loads of comments that people have tried this toothpaste and said that it really does work. I am so glad that so many people have decided to try it! I have been purchasing this product ever since the first sample I got from my dentist. My parents use this toothpaste now too because I spoke so highly of it. They are experiencing less sensitivity to their teeth as well. I recommend this toothpaste to everyone!

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These products were purchased by me and I am in no way sponsored or affiliated this the company.

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