Removing Self Tanner From Your Hands!

Here is a list of methods that will remove self tanner (AND hair dye) off your skin. Some methods will work more efficiently than others. Majority of these tips were from hair dressers @ salons I’ve gone to, for removing hair dye from forehead, ears, hands, etc. So yes, this will work for removing hair dye from your skin as well.

Some are harsher methods (on your skin) so please use these methods with common sense. Hopefully this will help you!

1. Windex (I learned this from watching a video that jalapena2007 did)
2. 40 Volume Cream Developer (for hair)
3. Cigarette ash + water

The rest is in no particular order, and may require 2-4 times of repeated use (the ones with ** are “harsher” for your skin):

4. Baking soda + lemon juice
5. Baking soda + whitening toothpaste
6. Whitening toothpaste
7. Bleach (the household cleaner kind) **
8. Acetone based nail polish remover **
9. Bar soap + baking soda
10. Bowl full of warm water + baby oil (or mineral based oil)

Camera used: Canon EOS Rebel T3i

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