Oral Hygiene Routine! All-Natural/Cruelty-Free | Teri Miyahira

Hi everyone it’s Teri! Please watch in HD! Thanks for clicking on this video!

I apologize for another long video! Hopefully more info is better than not enough? ;)

This is my current toothpaste, mouthwash and general oral hygiene routine! Switching your routine to natural/cruelty-free can be tough but can be done! It’s a lot of trial and error!

Products Mentioned:
Kiss My Face Whitening toothpaste in Cool Mint Gel (An, CF)
Dessert Essence Whitening mouthwash (AN, CF)
Johnson & Johnson Dentotape floss (not CF but I’m using mine up and then will try to find a CF alternative!)

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*All products purchased by me

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