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Hello guys my name is adam, and i’m going to record opalescence toothpaste review.

Opalescence is the most recommended toothpaste to maintain results after a tooth whitening. But you do not need to go to a dental clinic in order to acquire this excellent whitening product.

The special feature of Opalescence toothpaste is not that it effectively cleans away pigment stuck to the teeth. It is how it does it. While other whitening toothpastes contain a large amount of abrasive, it is instead the surface tension-reducing substances that does the job of Opalescence. Color pigments disappear along with bacteria and plaque, and there are no scratches, in which new bacteria and discoloration can take hold.

I have tested the product over a week now, and it certainly helps. What is important to know and understand, is that no whitening toothpaste can whiten your teeth. So it is no panacea for teeth whitening. In contrast, whitening toothpastes dissolve the pigment located in the tooth surface, grind away discoloration and make the teeth smooth and clean, cleaner, and thus naturally brighter.

The difference between Opalescence and other whitening toothpastes is that instead of containing a large quantity of grinding medium that many other brands do (be sure to avoid these products – they may in the long term wear down tooth enamel huge), it is instead the surface tension-reducing substances that do the job.

This toothpaste can be used daily because it does not contain abrasives, but does contain flour, which is strengthening the enamel. To try Opalescence I recommend that you first need to polish your teeth. Either by the dentist or yourself at home with a polishing nozzle that you put on your electric toothbrush. This provides a smooth, white and fine result. I can generally say that Opalescence Whitening Toothpaste is a really good whitening toothpaste, which go beyond the whitening effect and apparently also helps your teeth to absorb a maximum of flour.

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