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Hello guys my name is adam, and i’m going to record mentadent toothpaste review.

While there has always been a whole host of toothpaste brands available to buy, it wasn’t until recently that the world of “high end” toothpaste brands began to take over. It use to be that we had brands like Colgate and Crest and a few others, but today, thanks to Mentadent toothpaste, we now have dozens and dozens of toothpaste brands that claim to be elite and just plain better than all the rest. So, is Mentadent really the best on the market? Let’s take a look at this completely unique brand and how they got the reputation for being the best.

Mentadent is made from some different ingredients than most other toothpastes. This is because Mentadent toothpaste is often two different formulas in one pump tube. What really sets Mentadent apart from every other toothpaste brand is the fact that in each tube, there are two completely separate compartments filled with two completely separate types of toothpaste that, when pumped out onto your toothbrush, give you two different levels of protection. It is truly a revolutionary way to brush your teeth and it has dentists everywhere recommending it to their patients.

While there are different types of Mentadent, the usual formula is to have one side containing fluoride rich mint toothpaste that will clean and strengthen your teeth while the other side contains a strong whitening formula that whitens your teeth at the same time. In most cases, you would have to brush your teeth twice with two other types of toothpaste to get the same results you get from brushing once with Mentadent, so you can see why this formula is so popular. Yes, Mentadent often costs a bit more, but you can’t really put a price tag on clean teeth and a healthy smile.

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