Magical Whitening Toothpaste Review and Experience

AP24 Toothpaste from NuSkin. I used this in conjunction with my dentist. He was amazed at the amount that my teeth had whitened in a small amount of time and that a cavity I had, hadn’t progressed at all since my last appointment!

I have completely switch from using generic toothpaste to using AP24 and will continue to use it, due to the benefits that I am receiving from it. I have no enamel damage, my teeth are whiter and I have zero sensitivity in my teeth anymore… seems like a win win. My dentist even requested the information in order to order himself some!

I recommend this toothpaste over whitening strips or any other toothpaste. I have absolutely fallen in love with it and my teeth feel a million times cleaner, as opposed to using generic toothpaste. And this lasts way longer than an much larger tube you’d buy locally! This toothpaste is slightly more money … coming in at per tube. But I completely think that its worth the extra cost, and for a similar whitening product, you would pay double that, and add damage to your teeth.

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