How to Whiten Yellow Teeth at Home For Free HOW TO WHITEN YOUR TEETH AT HOME – MY OWN SECRET TRICK, step by Step.
My name is Mary. I wanted to share my teeth whitening story with you. Im no medical guru or anything like that. Im just a woman who figured out a system that works better than all the famous remedies Teeth Whitening you tried (you know, the ones that didnt work?). Hopefully my story can inspire you to try my tooth whitening at home method and look better! Whiten Teeth works much better then any makeup: eyes, lips, face… if you want to get compliments – start from your teeth.
I guess in some strange way, I owe my new teeth to the reporters at CNN. After having no success at all with the tooth whitening toothpastes over the years, I was casually watching the news one night when I saw a report in which a famous New York dentist discussed the advancements and effectiveness of modern at home tooth whitening products. His exact words were, Yes, two years ago I used some of the products that were on the market. And my teeth lightened up to five shades. We tested 22 volunteers, and it ranged from one shade difference to eight shades lighter. 8 shades lighter sounded pretty good to me and I trusted that CNN, being a reputable news station, wouldnt be featuring shady doctors, so I started looking around on the internet at some of the recommended products. First I tried some of the popular strip options and didnt notice much of a difference with any of them, although at the time I thought I might be seeing some slight improvement (you know, the placebo effect :) ) So forget MakeUp, forget your eyes, lips … face – Whiten Your Teeth First! Don’t spend money on teeth whitening, make it for free

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