How to Whiten Teeth at Home – The Miswak!

Grab Your Miswaks For Whiter Teeth:

Learn how to whiten teeth at home using the Miswak in three easy steps.
Step 1: After taking your miswak out of the vacuum sealed packet, cut around 1/2 inch off the top of the stick.
Step 2: Now gently bite on the bark until it begins to form bristles like a toothbrush.
Step 3: The final step is to use the miswak. You do this by brushing in a an up and down motion on your teeth. The best time to use it is straight after you’ve ate food.

There are numerous benefits to using the miswak. The main being that it doesn’t require any water or toothpaste, so you can use it literally anywhere for whiter teeth.

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– Can be used anywhere since it doesn’t require water or toothpaste

– Great for coffee lovers since you can use it immediately after you’ve had coffee to avoid stained teeth and coffee breath

– Useful to people who want an organic alternative to toothpaste (being that there are so many types of chemicals in toothpaste)

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