How To Whiten Teeth At Home | Teeth Whitening Options

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How to Whiten Your Teeth:

1. Whitening Toothpaste – not expensive but not effective
2. Professional Bleaching by a Dentist – molds are made and then the molds are filled with a bleaching peroxide gel. You will sit 30 to 45 minutes per sitting. This method is effective with surface and set-in stains. The peroxide doesn’t damage your enamel, but your teeth and gums may get sensitive. Cost is around 0. Treatments needed are around 2 to 3.
3. Laser – bleaching solution is placed on the teeth and then the light speeds-up the whitening process. Tooth sensitivity is reduced, but the cost is between 0 – 0
4. In Home Whitening – options vary from whitening strips, 7-day whitening kit, 16% tray, and 35% professional pack

In Home Whitening Options
Whitening Strips – takes time and consistency
Whitening Kits – 7 Day Smilepacks 11% feature preloaded trays with the whitening agent. Pop in and leave on for 20-minutes, 7 days in a row. Alpha demonstrates how to use. It’s not too harsh with 11% peroxide solution. Downside is 7-days in a row. Smilepack 16% trays, with a stronger peroxide solution, have amazing results.
Professional at Home – this option, Professional Teeth Whitening System, has a 35% solution. Alpha demonstrates how to use the trays and light. This is the closest to professional.

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