How to Temporarily “Fix” Some Bad Teeth for Under $3

One of my friends had a job interview last week, and needed some help. He has some pretty bad front teeth, as you can see in the video. Bad teeth or not, I thought that was a pretty piss poor reason for him not to get a job, or to be disqualified by the HR manager.

So, I invited him over for some quick cosmetic homemade do-it-yourself dental work. His name and face aren’t being revealed. He feels bad enough about his teeth as it is. Also, no one spoke in this video, to further conceal identities.

This was last week. He recently called me afterwards to tell me that he got the job…. a / hour job. In this crappy economy, / hour jobs don’t come by just every day, so, he called me for some help.

This video is a quick how-to demo to show just how we did it. Obviously, what we did was no professional job. It was hardly meant to be long-term. But it got the job done, and served its purpose.

We used some ordinary wax, or paraffin, (shown in the video) available at any hobby store. (Inflation has jacked the price of the lump of wax a little higher, now closer to .) Then, I took a tiny amount of the wax, about the size of a Hershey’s Kiss and tossed it in an ordinary small frying pan. Turned the burner on to “high”, and in a matter of seconds it had melted.

Next, he took the pan to the sink and placed the corner of the pan in to about an inch of water to re-harden the wax. We needed the wax to be semi-flexible and malleable. Once he had scraped a small amount of warm semi-soft wax onto his fingernail, he simply shoved it in place where his tooth once was.

With a little bit of forming, the wax quickly took the shape of a human tooth, and filled the gap nicely.

There were three primary gaps where teeth, or sections of teeth were missing, and it took three quick scrapings of warm wax to fill all three gaps.

See the before and afters in the video.

It’s not a permanent fix, obviously, but it served its purpose. He was so glad to have gotten the job that he asked me if I would make a video of him to post on YouTube for others to see.

As you can see, the wax cost about .50 for a small block- more than an adequate amount. Also, it has to be this whitish, semi-translucent color of wax. Try to find the closest shade to your own teeth. There aren’t too many different shades of wax available.

A few more notes: Don’t try to eat with your wax fill-in teeth. I doubt they’ll be strong enough for eating. Drinking should be fine. If you’re a coffee drinker, you’ll have to do some testing on your own to see if you can drink hot drinks.

If, however, you just need a quick fix for an interview or some other quick casual or professional meet- one which likely won’t include eating or drinking hot drinks- then try this quick method.

Also, if you are contemplating this do-it-yourself trick, don’t be too worried that your own little wax “tooth” isn’t perfectly shaped. It doesn’t need to be. As you can see at the end of the video, when he is moving his lips replicating speech, you’d have never known he had used wax to fill in some gaps. If you are headed to an interview, your interviewer likely isn’t even going to notice, either, from sitting six feet away across a desk.

While I haven’t tried this personally, my friend tried wearing his wax “teeth” for hours on end, and they produced no discomfort whatsoever. Suction keeps the wax in place and if one does seem to work its way loose by a tiny bit, it seemed to be a simple remedy to apply some light pressure, either with a finger or by the lower row of teeth. You’ll just have to do some experimenting on your own.

When you get home, the wax can easily be tossed back in to the metal pan and re-heated for the next use.

This fill-in technique could be used for pretty much any purpose. Perhaps you have a family reunion coming up, or a funeral or wedding. Or, maybe you have a date, or an upcoming photo-shoot. This easy technique would would work for pretty much any purpose where you will be meeting with or speaking in front of other people.

I know there will be the haters out there who will make stupid comments. I personally couldn’t care less. Just be aware that not everyone has perfect teeth, and that not everyone has the 0 – 00 it would have cost for professional dental repair. If you have perfect teeth, be thankful. Others aren’t as fortunate.

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