How to actually whiten your teeth – and it’s not with toothpaste

We all want that Hollywood smile, those fresh, gleaming white teeth that say, “hello, I have a nice mouth”.

Whitening toothpaste has for a long time been considered by many to be the way forward. It’s a good place to start, but there’s much more to be done.

A leading dentist explains that the standard products don’t actually do anything deep down. They have a superficial effect, improving, for a time, the surface – but they don’t change the “intrinsic colour” of teeth.

As Dr Ada Cooper says in a video with Business Insider that “whitening” toothpastes contain “abrasives” that remove surface stains. They paint over teeth without fully changing their real yellowy hue.

That Hollywood smile is desired (Photo: Getty)
All those Nando’s chicken burgers take their toll. All that coffee makes your teeth sad.

“Be careful,” Dr Ada mentions.

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The dentist reveals a simple way to wash your mouth out. She says to really improve your smile and make a difference, you need to use a form of peroxide.

“Use whitening material that contains a form of peroxide,” she says.

Here are some nice teeth (Photo: Getty)
Unsurprisingly, Dr Ada recommends first an “in-office” procedure. But we all know dentists can undertake costly work to give us that bright glow.

There’s also a “take-home method,” though, which involves a special gel, tooth strips, and an overnight gum shield. Chemists and pharmacists usually stock this stuff and it can be a cheaper alternative.

But Dr Ada also adds that white teeth don’t always mean healthy teeth – and keeping your teeth in your mouth, white or not, is the most important thing.

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