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http://youtu.be/qpp7g_xEm7E – In this video Caroline Short from Smile Tech talks about some of the fantastic home teeth whitening ranges on the market today including the hydrogen peroxide free teeth whitening solutions that are clinically proven, non-abrasive and can give fantastic results of up to eight shades whiter and are even safe enough for people who are pregnant or breast feeding to use. These recommended home teeth whitening products can come in the form of sodium perborate foam whiteners and nano-technology toothpastes that are totally non abrasive and have the lowest RDA of any toothpaste on the market today. She also briefly mentions home whitening trays, which are also a very effective, if not more heavy duty teeth whitening method, these are quick and easy to use and keep the teeth beautifully white. Although do bear in mind that a visit to the Dentist will be needed to see if a client is suitable for this type of treatment following a consultation and a fitting for the mould.
Most people would agree that they would look and feel better with a whiter smile. Teeth Whitening has become massively popular over the last few years in the UK and although it is generally agreed that the quickest most effective method is to have the teeth laser whitened by the Dentist — many people cannot afford to have this done. For this reason may home teeth whitening solutions have exploded onto the market and due to the amazing technology in Dentistry today.
There are many reasons as to why our teeth may become discoloured — tea and coffee are major culprits as well as smoking and red wine and highly staining foods like curry can also cause discolouration over time and there are also medicines that can cause discolouration from childhood. Teeth whitening is a method t remove the staining that has built up in the teeth as well as bleach the tooth itself. Hydrogen peroxide based gels do this by using an oxidising action, and it is hydrogen peroxide that is often used by a Dentist in a ‘professional laser teeth whitening’ at a clinic — it is a very potent gel and it really does work. However, due to the strength of the hydrogen peroxide and the possible risks associated with high levels of hydrogen peroxide coming into contact with the soft tissue of the mouth — the European Directive have deemed that anything above 6% is unsafe for use at home. In fact, hydrogen peroxide in any kind of level that will whiten teeth, can only be used by the Dentist. Even the teeth whitening strips that have become really popular in America recently are deemed unfit for sale in the UK due to the levels of hydrogen peroxide they contain.
There are other at home whitening solutions which can be very effective and are hydrogen peroxide free. You should always look for products that are clinically proven and that have great customer reviews as all of them will generally say that their product is ‘the best’. It is always really important to visit the Dentist every six months for a check-up. There is no point in whitening teeth that are unhealthy or have extensive plaque build-up or gum disease so make a regular visit to the Dentist as a part of your whitening routine. In fact, the Dentist is the best place to start talking about teeth whitening and making a decision on what type of whitening is right and affordable for you. http://www.youtube.com/user/TeethWhiteningTruth
With regard to home whitening products the main aim here is to take away the staining that is causing the discolouration on the teeth. This may be easier in some cases than others and depends on the age of the person and the type of staining on the teeth. For example, people who have discolouration due to taking certain types of medication in infancy may find it more difficult to whiten their teeth than those who simply have staining built up by eating certain foods and smoking.
The cheapest home teeth whitening solution as recommended by Caroline in the video is a nanotechnology toothpaste. These toothpastes can be brought from between £10 and £15 and have the lowest abrasion of any whitening toothpaste on the market. The particles in these nanotechnology toothpastes are so small that they penetrate the teeth and whiten from the inside out. They are much better than other ‘off the shelf’ such as whitening strips http://www.squidoo.com/teeth-whitening-and-price-of-treatments and whitening toothpastes because they do not damage the enamel on the teeth.
Whitening brushes these can be brought from your local pharmacy for around £10-£15 and can be quite easily bushed onto the teeth to make them appear whiter.
Your Dentist may recommend take home trays to use with a Carbamide Peroxide or Hydrogen Peroxide gel — these are very effective but can be expensive — sometime upwards of £250. There are similar teeth whitening tray systems which can be brought from the pharmacy for about £50- £100 but their effectiveness is questionable.

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