Home-made Organic Toothpaste ‘Snow Caps’ Old Swiss Teeth Whitening Recipe

Why bother to make your own toothpaste?
A couple of years ago we were lucky enough to escape ‘drill and fill’ and to find a biological/holistic dentist and (really important for me) one who didn’t use needles. Our dentist does not fill teeth and so I then began to study how to optimise our diet for tooth remineralisation. This done I then began to research anything that could hinder the process and found the mention of glycerine. It is used to give the toothpaste a ‘glossy’ sheen but it also leaves a coating on the teeth, which in turn prevents remineralisation. I have read that it takes multiple rinsings with pure water to actually rid your teeth of this glycerine film. When I checked the contents of my purchased organic toothpaste, I was mortified to find glycerine on the list. Interestingly enough that was the first difference we noticed when we began to use our home-made toothpaste, in essence, a much fresher cleaner feel to our teeth.

Full instructions: http://www.instructables.com/id/Home-made-Organic-Toothpaste-Snow-Caps-Old-Swiss-T/

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