HiSmile Review

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Growing up, I was always told by my mum that a smile is the best accessory you can wear – there is nothing more beautiful or contagious then a bright and happy smile.

However we can often get a little lazy and forget about taking good care of those pearly whites. Who is guilty of having too much coffee and nodding unconvincingly when the dentist asks, have you been flossing? I have found that no matter how much you brush your teeth they never seem to get to that white, bright, movie star level.

I have tried various teeth whitening products over the past few years including professional laser whitening at the dentist, which might I add was the most painful hour of my life! Whitening toothpastes and crest whitening strips which all seemed to work well except I had a major problem… all these products were resulting in SENSITIVE TEETH!

Who else struggles biting into cold ice cream? Such a weird and painful feeling right?…. My sensitivity grew so bad that I was unable to drink cold water because my teeth would ache. I reached a point where I had to stop all teeth whitening methods and had to settle for not so white teeth gradually fading due to my love for coffee, wine and red pasta sauces (which I was not prepared to give up).

All faith was lost, until I came across a product on Instagram called HiSmile. At first I was skeptical of the product but decided to give it a go as it claimed to have no sensitivity effects or harmful chemicals that would impact on my teeth. For more information head to the HiSmile website to learn more about the product www.hismileteeth.com.

Check out my video review and tutorial on the product below to see my verdict on the HiSmile Teeth Whitening Kit! I have attached some before and after photos below so you can be the judge and see the difference – HiSmile has taken white to a whole new level!

p.s. a sink and water is over rated…

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