Get whiter teeth Naturally! DIY Toothpaste

There are sooo many awesome DIY toothpaste recipes but this is my go to one! The ingredients that I use in this video is : Virgin Coconut Oil , Baking Soda, Organic cinnamon , and Stevia (for taste) you can also use peppermint essential oil instead of cinnamon it’s completely up to you :) some people acre sensitive to the cinnamon.

Here are the benefits of each ingredient:
Virgin coconut oil- has sooo many benefits that I will be creating an entire video in it! But for teeth and mouth it kills bacteria, whitens teeth and freshens breathe.

Baking Soda-whitens teeth, prevents cavities and freshens breathe

Cinnamon – Freshens breathe and prevents cavities ( use a little bit at first just in case you are sensitive to it)

stevia- is optional and it’s just for taste so not too much

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