DOCTOR·B Toothpaste 0+ Experiment

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Here is how you can see with your own eyes that DOCTOR·B Toothpaste 0+ is much more qualitative than ordinary toothpaste. We offer you to make a little science experiment at home. Squeeze a portion of ordinary toothpaste and a portion of DOCTOR·B Toothpaste 0+ side by side into the metallic spoon. Hold the spoon over the alcohol lamp for a few minutes. DOCTOR·B Toothpaste 0+ will not change its color, while ordinary toothpaste will turn black and taste unusual. This means that this toothpaste does not contain preservatives.
The toothpaste has an appealing fresh mint aroma and taste that, as suggested, will stay with you for 3–4 hours after you brush your teeth. The manufacturer used the services of a professional perfumer to develop three different toothpaste tastes.
DOCTOR·B Toothpaste 0+ also does not use hydrogen peroxide or any other chemical bleach for teeth whitening that could increase teeth sensitivity. Fine abrasive particles in the toothpaste carefully remove plaque, dirt, and stains without causing damage to the enamel. A special formula allows to squeeze a small amount of it to have enough foam.

We recommend Dr. Tony Toothpaste 0+ as another great contribution to your and your family’s health!

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