DIY Toothpaste

Fluoride is a developmental neurotoxin found in most conventional tooth paste. Dentist claim that fluoride supports healthy teeth and prevents cavities, but the research suggest that is a lie. This homemade tooth paste is cheap, organic, and ridiculously easy to make.
Why one should avoid fluoride like the plague:
• It calcify your pineal gland
• The Word Heath Organization put fluoride on a list of hazard right next to arsenic
• Linked to ADHD, autism, low IQ scores, dyslexia, cognitive impairments, Alzheimer’s, depression, lack of focus, anxiety just to name a few.
Products you will need for DIY toothpaste
1. Coconut oil
– Fights cavities
– Fights the bacteria in the mouth that cause bad breath

2. Diatomaceous Earth (food grade)

* Supports healthy teeth and bones
* Leaves your teeth feeling clean and fresh all day
* Polishes the teeth

3. Baking soda
* Whitening
* Removes plaque deposits

4. Bentonite clay

* Detoxifying
* Binds to unhealthy substances

5. Essential oils of your choice (all oils support fresh breath)
Peppermint- anti-inflammatory- antibacterial
* Tea tree – prevents gingivitis
* Cinnamon – anti microbial
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