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This video is all about 2 simple and easy DIY’s that are a must if you are trying to live more healthy.

The first DIY is all about a natural, organic and healthy coconut oil based deodorant.
Long term this deodorant can help lighten your armpits and it also helps with your odor!
Just make sure you give your body some time to get used to this completely new consistency of deodorant and enjoy it perks!

The second DIY is all about a natural, organic, super simple and easy at home made toothpaste that also helps with teeth whitening long term!

Enjoy the video!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me!

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A little bit about me:
Chasing my dreams by doing what I always feared the most: Starting my own Youtube Channel.
I am born in the Netherlands (Europe), with parents who are born in Suriname (South-America) and grand-grand-grand parents originally from India.

Since 2015 I’ve been working and saving like crazy. I always knew I wanted to start something on my own but never took action on it.
Deep down inside I always knew I wanted to travel the world and have a Youtube channel where I want to focus on creating content that HELPS ladies all over the world!

My videos are beauty & lifestyle related, covering different subjects like:
– skincare
– haircare
– healthy lifestyle
– DIY’s
– motivational videos
– travel vids

By September 2017 I decided to quit my job and travel the world with my fiancé.
And when 2018 was approaching.. I decided to look my biggest fears into the eyes and start with my own Youtube channel aka my forever dream.

Now that I’m actually doing Youtube I am so happy I decided to focus on my dreams instead of my fears.

Feel free to contact me for anything and if you have any ideas or suggestions about videos, I’d also love to hear that.

For 2018 (starting March) I will be uploading 2 videos EVERY week, stay tuned :)!


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Have the best day and keep doing you!

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