Dentistry: Colgate Optic White Toothpaste Is Bullshit

“Get me the numbing gel,” means only one thing in dental terms – NEEDLE TIME. Laying in the dentist chair the other cold morning I was there to get a basic clean and an impression taken for a home whitening kit when suddenly ‘house rules’ changed due to circumstance and 2 needles were administrated into my dome – MORE FILLINGS REQUIRED. Due to Colgate’s new so-called Optic White 3 Shades of White toothpaste the fucker has been gnawing at my gums and exposed root nerves – the shit causes gum problems. DO NOT USE ANY TEETH WHITENING TOOTHPASTES WHATSOEVER. And that’s coming straight from my dentists mouth. They’re a scam. They don’t really work. It’s Mickey Mouse. They do more damage than good. It’s Mini Mouse. They’re false advertising. In a nutshell. – they’re bullkaka.

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