Colgate Optic White Side Effects

After using Colgate Optic White for 3 times in 1 day, i noticed some side effects. I noticed that my lower gum is reddish and there is a small open wound bump just in front of my teeth. As i brush my teeth hard using oral-b whitening toothbrush, then use some water then spit it out i noticed some blood with it.

At the right inner wall of my mouth i feel there is a rough skin, feels damaged, my tongue hurts, my throat seems painful and sounds like it change my voice a little.

I read on the internet the hydrogen peroxide is an ingredient that some people with sensitive gum will have or does have a problem using Colgate optic white.

I believe this is a premature review since its still first day of use, and also im trying to whiten my teeth so maybe i should only apply the toothpaste into my teeth directly not by using toothbrush.. so the side effect its not really alarming on my part since some of the Amazon customer reviews are positive, so maybe using a cotton to apply the toothpaste into my teeth then smile for 4 minutes . But if there is no visible whitening effect maybe i should shift to other toothpaste brand..

so i will focus on the whitening effect not on the side effects but if it will hurt the health of my teeth like my teeth will be very sensitive so i might stop using it.. for now i will continue using it as long as my teeth don’t have bad problems.

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