Chemical Reactions in Whitening Toothpaste

Title: Chemical Reactions in Whitening Toothpaste

Description: This chemical reaction of Fluoride in toothpastes showcases our day to day routine when brushing our teeth. This video will also portray the chemical reaction, advantages, disadvantages, how you got your teeth discoloration and some details relating to our teeth.

Steps: We decided to go with cooking at first then changed our minds to teeth whitening because we thought cooking was just too basic and normal. After deciding on our topic. We decided to use powtoons because it was the best choice for the group because we have already tried it out before

Script: Did you know?
Each time you brush your teeth, teeth absorb some of the fluoride?
The most essential ingredient used in toothpaste is fluoride
– surfactants work well with fluoride to form foam that clean the tooth surface and wash away the plaque.
Tetrasodium pyrophosphate
TSSP, is an ingredient used in toothpaste that helps remove magnesium and calcium from our saliva, because they form tartar or plaque on our teeth. In order to reduce the bitterness of TSSP, they often add sodium saccharin as sweetener.
The surface of the teeth is called enamel.
95% of toothpaste is made from hydroxypatite which is: Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2
But first let me introduce you to its chemical reaction: the more Acid (H + ion) is added to the enamel, and the more hydroxypatite is dissolved into saliva. Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2 + 8H + 10Ca2 + 6(HPO4)2 + 2H2O
What are tooth stains?
Tooth stains are the discoloration of your teeth due to a variety of factors: food/chocolates, cigarette smoking, coffee.
Teeth Whitening
What is it? It is a process of bleaching your teeth in attempt to improve teeth appearance. It is a chemical process that usually uses oxidizing agents to remove discoloration stains from the teeth.Magic Behind Whitening
Water + Carbamide Peroxide + Hydrogen Peroxide
Which results to: The whitening of teeth
Advantages of Toothpaste:
White Teeth
Disadvantages of Whitening Toothpaste:
Teeth may lose luster and shine
Contain an abrasive that grinds away stains on the enamel, making your teeth seem brighter
Tooth sensitivity
May wear down enamel if used too frequently


Elaiza Ong – made script, made powtoon video, edited powtoon video
Paula Canete – made script, wrote description, made beginning of powtoon video
Derrick Lim – Research on topic, made script, wrote steps, wrote script,

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