Cheap Tooth Whitening Tesco Value Nuclear Bomb Flash Whitening Toothpaste (advert #4s2)

Leaflet Explained Below ALWAYS READ THE LABEL

Tooth whitening can be hard to achieve and expensive. Discoloured teeth can make you look ugly and friends may laugh at you behind your back that is if you have any, your halitosis and gingivitis arn’t the most attractive things to see swilling around as you chat… especially if you spit when you talk, so if you are alone and can’t get a boyfriend or a girlfriend perhaps this is the product for you! Tesco Value Nuclear Bomb Flash Whitening Toothpaste. As used by stars such as Richard “hamster” Hammond form BBC’s Top Gear and all the annoying people on toothpaste adverts (they really use Tesco Value Nuclear Bomb Flash Whitening Toothpaste not Colgate or Aquafresh etc) You can get teeth so white and bright you can see at night! As used by camera shy Celebs and politicians who don’t want to be seen leaving brothels they now smile and dazzle the camera lens so they dodge Heat and Hello Magazines.

People have experienced diarrhea, headaches, bellyaches, Constipation, Forgetfulness, Rashes, Ulcers, Swercles, Swebackles, Impotence, Orange Toenail Syndrome, Spontaneous Heavy Nose Running, Hyperactivity, Cher Lloyd Weird Mouth Disorder, and Cake Face Dunking… All of which are completely coincidental and have nothing to do with this product.

If you have any further questions on this product or any other Tesco Value Product as Advertised by ANTV Please comment below.

With Tesco re-branding and advertising Tesco Value to Tesco Everyday Value I won’t change my products!

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