ChaCha Toothpaste : teeth whitening and bad breaths care

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Unpa recognized the need for toothpaste that contains only healthy components. Cha cha toothpaste does not contain SLS (irritative surfactant) which can make your mouth dry.
Bad breath is one of the symptom of dry mouth. Also, the main ingredient of this is charcoal. Charcoal is good for deodorization. It helps to remove bad breaths and refreshes your mouth.

►How to Use

– The recommended amount of toothpaste is half or 1/3 of the length of your toothbrush. For better efficiency, try to apply the paste strongly so it penetrates insides the bristles (hair of the toothbrush).
– You don’t need to wet your toothbrush when using this toothpaste.
– Gargle about 10 times to wash up your mouth completly.

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