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In this video Caroline from Smile Tech talks about buying teeth whitening treatments for use either at home or in house. The benefits of buying teeth whitening as a chair-side treatment with a Dentist for instant and visible results and how to go about finding the best teeth whitening deals and the best companies to buy from. Countless people are unhappy with the shade of their teeth and would like to buy a teeth whitening treatment to use at home or at a treatment clinic which would allow them to improve the shade of their teeth and in turn, improve their overall appearance. It is always a good idea to do your research before deciding which teeth whitening option to go for because there are a few factors to consider with teeth whitening. Teeth whitening options include things like off the shelf toothpastes and home care kits, some even sold with a small light and trays for the whitening gel — other, traditionally more expensive teeth whitening treatments involve going to a dental clinic or specialist teeth whitening provider
Advertisers and marketers are constantly showing new fads in whitening toothpastes and homecare products — but do these products actually whiten teeth and are they worth the money? Many ‘whitening’ toothpastes’ are in fact very abrasive and when used over time have been shown to cause damage to the layer of enamel covering each tooth. These teeth whitening toothpastes do not contain any bleaching qualities and are simply removing the staining engrained in the enamel that they are removing — therefore causing the teeth to appear whiter. Be cautious when purchasing these ‘whitening toothpastes’ they do not actually whiten your teeth at all and as mentioned before, can cause damage to the enamel — which can never grow back.
Teeth whitening strips are another popular and relatively inexpensive solution for people looking to buy teeth whitening. The strips come from America and they have proven very popular over there. The problem is that the levels of HP they contain are too high for the UK market and so they cannot be brought off the shelf here. In fact there are legalities surrounding the use of Hydrogen Peroxide in teeth whitening in the UK market and this is why we would suggest that perhaps a better route to take would be that of a chair side teeth whitening treatment that is administered by a Dentist. The Dentist will use a level of hydrogen peroxide that will be strong enough to get a good result, but in a safe environment following a full consultation and oral health check.
In the video Caroline suggests looking for a reputable supplier using the internet, just search for teeth whitening via Google search engine and see what comes up. Its best perhaps not to go for the paid adverts but instead go for the websites displayed in the organic rankings, in addition, when you have found these popular suppliers get on their website and read the reviews and testimonials from customers and check out their face book page to see what people are saying about them. You can get some great companies that specialise in teeth whitening coming up in these search results that do employ Dentists and who have a great track record, but will not charge the earth for it.
Remember — if you are looking to buy a chair side laser teeth whitening treatment with a Dentist, also known as professional laser teeth whitening, you should consider a few things first before selecting an appropriate provider. Firstly, make sure that you are offered a free consultation prior to the teeth whitening treatment, not everyone is suitable for the full laser teeth whitening (for example if you have gum disease a Dentist would advise against the treatment and recommend a teeth whitening remedy to use at home Secondly, make sure that a registered Dentist is undertaking the treatment. Thirdly, make sure the company has all of their insurances up to date. Lastly look at client testimonials and reviews and see if they are positive — another good indicator is how long the company has been trading for — three years minimum is about the right length to separate the genuine providers from the cowboy who are just trying to make a quick buck. Finally, remember that if a provider is ‘guaranteeing’ results — you should be very wary.

Tooth whitening is not an exact science and people will respond differently to the gel being used depending on factors like age, type of staining and general genetic make-up. Try to find a provider who will offer some kind of money back guarantee in the unlikely event that your teeth do not change shade at all. Your result will also be heavily dependent on the level of hydrogen peroxide that the Dentist is using the higher the level of hydrogen peroxide used the more whitening will occur – beware of sensitivity when using higher levels of HP in teeth whitening.

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