BlanX White Shock Whitening Toothpaste

———————————————Product details——————————————————————————– BlanX White & Protect toothpaste with BlanX LED accelerator whitens teeth after the first use. BlanX White Shock range is based on the double-patented Actilux® formula which fights bacteria and plaque to restore a natural white smile through light, with immediate results. The micro-crystals found in Actilux® bind to the enamel of your teeth during regular brushing, creating an invisible barrier that blocks the causes of yellowing which lasts all day. Actilux® is activate through natural light, or can be boosted for maximum whitening and antibacterial effect through the BlanX LED accelerator. So, the more you smile, the whiter your teeth get! The BlanX LED also intensifies the antibacterial action of the BlanX White Shock formula to help prevent cavities, gingivitis, halitosis and other common oral disease. BlanX White & Protect contains the non-abrasive Arctic Lichen formula, is peroxide free and enamel safe, which is suitable for daily use to whiten teeth without harming tooth enamel. The BlanX LED accelerator can also be used in conjunction with BlanX Instant White (refill). Made in Italy.

———————————————How to use——————————————–
Unscrew the cap of the tube and take off safety seal. Take the Blanx LED out of the box and screw it onto the tube. Unscrew the cap to use the product.
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