Benefits of Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal uses adsorption by trapping toxins and chemicals in its pores.
It works as an magnet to attract heavy metals and toxins that bind to its surface. It has the ability to adsorb toxins in the body.

4 Main Benefits of Activated Charcoal

1) Water Filtration
Used in water filtration systems

2) Cleansing the Body of Mold
Mold has a positive charge (Activated charcoal has a negative charge)
How to use:
• Take 3 capsules 3 times a day or 1 TBS 3 times a day of activated charcoal to bind to mold and help the body excrete
• Drink 2-3 times more water each day if you are using activated charcoal
• Use short term only (1-3 days)

3) General Detoxification
• Exposed to heavy metals (mercury or lead)
• If removing amalgam filings-also do activated charcoal to bind and eliminate any vapors from system

4) Eliminate Alcohol Poisoning
• Immediately binds to the toxins just swallowed (such as alcohol poisoning)

Don’t use activated charcoal on a daily basis but rather for emergency situations or short-term cleanses

For periodic use, activated charcoal can also whiten teeth.

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