Baking Soda AND Epsom Salts Make A Great Toothpaste! Love It! ~~~Nancy

My oh my! I found myself in a hotel without my toothpaste! But – I’d packed packets of baking soda and Epsom Salts because I use these products in my water – for health reasons. Voila! I mixed the two and brushed my teeth – and it was the most AMAZING feeling. My teeth felt fantastically clean and my mouth felt fresh! My teeth actually felt moist a half hour later! There are other very good benefits to brushing with this combination! I’ll make another video about that in the near future! Baking soda alone is suggested as a toothpaste – but I don’t like the taste of just baking soda by itself and my teeth don’t feel refreshed and clean. But, these two – are a winning combination! ~~~Nancy

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