7 DENTAL Life Hacks You Must Know!! DIY Squishy Toothpaste Pen!

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This was my first try at combining DIY with life hacks and I was quite pleased with how it turned out :D. If you have any suggestions for future life hacks videos or if you have a crazy dental story to tell, then please leave it down below! I originally wanted to make some sort of DIY squishy / stress-relieving pen or pencil case. I was trying out ideas with sponges, fabric paint, balloons etc but the whole DIY felt quite messy & over-complicated. Then it suddenly occurred to me that a toothpaste tube is basically a natural squishy and you can easily turn that into a pen!

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Find intra-oral scanner dentists in the USA: http://goo.gl/i5xdUJ
(Cerec is the brand name of the most commonly used system. There are many other types on the market as well, and is implemented worldwide. If you live in an economically developed country, then there must be some local dentists who offer this)
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As many people rightly pointed out, I originally started this channel for life hacks, but I ended up doing so much DIY. So I’m trying to change that now and making more informative / life hack videos in addition to crafting. I had a lot of fun researching and filming this as you can probably tell. I also ended up getting two injections, which are the lengths I go to for getting a good video XD!

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