#68 Product Review – EARTHPASTE (Natural Toothpaste)

EarthPaste Natural Toothpaste is so harmless to the body, that it can be safely swallowed, making it safe for users of all ages.Redmond’s EarthPaste gently cleans the teeth and gums and offers a natural whitening benefit because it contains calcium montmorillonite clay.

Redmondclay boasts 57 essential minerals and elements and has been used for centuries by many cultures for better oral health and a whiter smile in addition to dozens of other internal and external ailments. Calcium montmorillonite toothpaste is excellent for healing oral issues and is even better for the prevention of infections.
Other benefits of using EarthPaste Natural Toothpaste include:

* Natural Whitening of Teeth
* Reducing Canker Sores and Mouth Ulcers
* Excellent for Healing After Oral Surgery or Dental Procedures
* Preventing Cavities


Most of the ingredients in your average toothpaste like fluoride, dyes, and glycerin have harmful side effects for both humans and the environment. The fact that EarthPaste Natural Cinnamon Toothpaste doesn’t foam makes it ideal for use with Sonicare and other electric toothbrushes.


you can also find it on www.vitacost.com/earthpaste

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