Zero Peroxide Review – New Teeth Whitening Product – Brand New for 2012 – Zero Peroxide is a peroxide free home teeth whitening kit with zero irritation or sensitivity. Get Whiter teeth in 20 minutes.Amazing results without harmful Peroxide. Get superb and almost instantaneous results. Contains sodium bicarbonate and pomegranate for the health of your teeth. Kit includes everything you need for getting a brighter smile today. See some video testimonials and all of the benefits. Long shelf life and long term whiter teeth. Zero Peroxide
• Results In as little as 20 mlnutes
• No irritation, sensitivity or side effeets
• 30 day money -back guarantee
• LED whitening as used by dentists worldwide
• Superior’comfort’ mouth piece that lets more LED light through
• Recommended by dentists
• EU-approved non-peroxide teeth whitening kit
• Contains 35% sodium bicarbonate
• Enhanced with natural extracts for faster, more enhanced resuhs
• Sodium bicarbonate is clinically proven as a teeth whitener
• Teeth whitening pen included in every kit as standard
• Massive 2 year shelf life for long-term whitening
• The safest way to whiten teeth at home

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