Whitening Teeth Review

Facts About Whitening The Tooth
Tooth whitening is a way of putting back the tooth into its natural shape by removing the underlying foreign bodies.It is being achieved by being done with the professional dentist who can clean this foreigns in an easy way.These are some of the facts about whitening the tooth.

1.Brush after taking food

It’s the best way to whiten your teeth after taking your food. Some of the food can discolored your teeth or leave some stains in your teeth,brush your two times a day.

2.Use hydrogen peroxide and baking soda

Hdrogen peroxide works great,it can restore your natural teeth and make the natural or whiter than it was before. You can mix little amount of hydrogen peroxide with baking soda and brush it as usual. By mix it restores the teeth to its natural way and keep mouth free from germs.

3.use apple cider vineager

It works well by removing some sturborn stains on the teeth from some drinks and cigarattes. After cleaning with apple acid vineager you can brush again with tooth brush and toothpaste.

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