Whitening Teeth For A Better Self Confidence, With Dr. Mary Swift DDS

Dr. Mary Swift, DDS of Dallas Laser Dentistry speaks with The Business Spotlight host, Patrick Dougher, about teeth whitening, the origins of teeth whitening, and the benefits of whiter teeth for more self-confidence.

“Tooth Whitening is the most frequently requested procedure today,” says Dr. Mary Swift of award-winning Dallas Laser Dentistry.

As we age our teeth tend to get dingier. There are a lot of products out there to whiten our teeth, some work better than others, and some take longer than others to work. “Everyone whitens at a different pace. There are over the counter strips, take home methods, and in office methods. Obviously the least expensive methods are the strips, but they are not allowed to have the strength in the formula that we can do in the dental office,” says Dr. Swift.

According to Dr. Swift there are many myths out there when it comes to teeth whitening. One of the biggest questions she gets is, “Is it safe?” When she gets this question she always likes to tell the patient the origins of tooth whitening.

It started with the research for health of gum and bones. Almost 50 years ago a doctor took hydrogen peroxide and baking soda and had his patients brush with this mixture. He found that not only did their gums improve, but their teeth whitened. He figured out it was the peroxide that was doing the whitening, and that was the birth of tooth whitening.

Nowadays dentists use a version of that called carbonized peroxide, and the whitening agents have developed nearly every year along the way.

“Laser whitening is the use of a laser beam to activate the molecules in the whitening agent so they can move quickly and react on the smooth surface,” explains Dr. Swift. They have been using this laser technology for 10+ years, and have had wonderful results. Laser technology in cosmetic surgery “allows me to sculpt the gum line instead of cutting it away,” says Dr. Swift. “Lasers have been very valuable in my practice.”

“Yes, it’s safe. It came from a way to improve dental health,” Dr. Swift says.

Dr. Swift addresses the sensitivity issue people have after they get their teeth whitened. She says it has to do with the dehydration the tooth goes through when the teeth are whitened. As soon as the tooth rehydrates the feeling of “sucking air” will go away. “Everybody’s different,” she says, “some patients don’t feel a thing, while others it is significant.” Until then, a little Tylenol or Advil will take care of it.

“When someone comes in and says they want a better smile, sometimes we can do it with whitening alone, and sometimes we have to use porcelain, but we match the porcelain to their own teeth for a natural look,” she says.

Whiter teeth definitely improve self esteem. “Good things happen when you smile more.”

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To learn more about teeth whitening and improving your smile, contact Dr. Swift through her office’s website at http://www.dallas-cosmetic-dentist.us/, or call the office to schedule an appointment at 214-736-4706.

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