Whitening and Cosmetic Tooth Bonding in Buffalo Grove, Illinois 60089, Dentistry by Brent Engelberg

Katelynn came to Dr. Engelberg from Buffalo Grove, Illinois with some specific concerns about her smile. Initially, Katelynn was interested in porcelain veneers, but wanted to do this sometime in the future—her immediate plan was to bond the un-esthetic front middle tooth. This tooth, a central incisor, is considered one of the most difficult teeth to match to the surrounding teeth, and Katelynn initially wanted to veneer just this tooth. After discussing her treatment options with Dr. Engelberg, his suggestion was to whiten Katelynn’s teeth, and then directly bond to the tooth in question. While composite bonding is not usually as long lasting as porcelain veneers, with the proper techniques, very esthetic results can be achieved. Dr. Engelberg utilized four different shades of composite resin tooth bonding material to blend the incisor tooth with the rest of her front teeth—click on the video to hear Katelynn’s thoughts about the results!
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