What is the difference between whitening and bleaching your teeth?

There are many methods of whitening and bleaching of teeth. Teeth whitening has become a huge industry but all those different products can really be confusing. Dr Katz examines the difference between whitening and bleaching and talks about what methods work best.

Teeth Whitening vs. Teeth Bleaching

A common question I get is, what’s the difference between whitening your teeth and bleaching your teeth? Well, there is a difference, technically. Whitening is when you physically remove stains from the enamel surface using either chemicals or abrasives. Obviously, these are safe chemicals that you use.

When you bleach your teeth, it’s slightly different. You’re using a form of either hydrogen peroxide or something called carbamide peroxide, and that’s a bleaching technique. Your enamel is actually made up of something called enamel rods. These are tubules and the bleach actually gets into those tubules and bleaches a slight depth into the enamel surface and whitens it by bleaching it.

Now, the difference is when you bleach you get a whiter result as opposed to just using a whitening or an abrasive.

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