What Caused this Bad “Baking Soda with Lemon for Whitening Teeth” Reaction? | The Mouth Episode

Today’s episode is about a bad reaction involving baking soda with lemon for whitening teeth. Do you know what caused this bad reaction to occur? Was it a lemon reaction or a baking soda lemon reaction? What do you think?

= Keep in Mind =

* This was NOT the first time I’ve used these ingredients in my life. I buy them when I go grocery shopping for food and drinks.

* This WAS the first time and only time I’ve mixed the two.
* This WAS the first time I’ve done this remedy.
* Experiment done out of boredom.
* Experiment done to make a good video to publish to YouTube; no other reason.
* I’ve never had this bad reaction prior to this day.
* The reaction has NOT re-occurred even though I continue to consume lemons (and other acidic foods and drinks), and contine to use baking soda found in my regular toothpaste. No bad reaction has occured again. This was truly a one-time occurrence.

= What I Did =

1.) I made a “paste” of equal parts baking soda and lemon juice.
2.) I applied the “paste” onto my soft bristle toothbrush and brushed.
3.) I noticed a stinging sensation.
4.) I let it sit for about a minute.
5.) I did a water rinse.
6.) I noticed the water rinse caused the stinging sensation to increase. Red flag.
7.) After 15 minutes I brushed my teeth with regular toothpaste.
8.) I water rinsed again.
9.) I noticed the stinging sensation was still there.
10.) In the video, I show where the stinging occurred and the reaction this teeth whitening baking soda and lemon treatment occurred.
11.) The reaction was gone by the time I published this video; so less than 10 minutes.

= BS&L Remedy Performed =

Keep in mind, there are many versions of this teeth whitening home remedy using baking soda and lemon. You can find them all over, including on YouTube. The one I heard of and performed included the following:

+1 spoon of baking soda
+1 spoon of lemon juice
+ 1 Toothbrush
+ Regular Toothpaste (for brushing after 15 minutes; not applied to BS&L “paste”)

=== Are You Ready to Share Your Theories? ===

What do YOU think caused the bad reaction to occur, with all things considered? This video post is intended specifically for you to talk with others about the cause. :D

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