Tooth Whitening with Brite Smile and Zoom

Whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures to improve a smile. Both Brite Smile and Zoom procedures brighten a smile in a single office visit, and can make the color of teeth many shades lighter. Before treatment, patients meet with the doctor to review the procedure and talk about the results they can expect for their smile. Patients relax in our treatment suite and can watch a movie or listen to music during this simple procedure. The technician will prepare the mouth for treatment by placing a soft holder to gently pull back the lips, and a special gel is then applied to protect the gums. The patient also wears protective glasses. Bleaching gel is applied every 20 minutes and whitens teeth with the help of the patented blue light. When the treatment is over the technician will review the results with the patient. Many patients see dramatic immediate results. Whitening is an easy fix and can make patients feel happier and younger with an instant upgrade to an A+ smile.

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