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Most people want their teeth to be whiter, it’s one of those things that you seem to be so close to achieving by rubbing baking soda and lemon on your toothbrush… but yet so far away at the same time. Not everyone has enough money to go to the cosmetic dentist and pay for their teeth to be whitened … I certainly don’t ! and with all these products which ones are you supposed to trust? To help you along I share with you the products I have tried and which ones worked for me :) …. oh and sorry about the microphone :)

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Brilliant White (They’ve changed the packaging) – http://goo.gl/KFEkh4
Dentex Easy White – http://goo.gl/23Nc3d
Eucryl *Mint* – http://goo.gl/1Y1xLx
Eucryl *Original* – http://goo.gl/pT7teW
Colgate Regular Toothpaste – http://goo.gl/edqCSe

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