Teeth Whitening in the Salon to Make more Money

Earn extra income in a beauty salon by whitening teeth as an additional salon service. You don’t have to be a dentist. It is a self administered service. Sell the daily maintenance pen. Presented by Misty White.
The procedure: Dry off the teeth with a paper or a washcloth; protect the lips and gums with vitamin gel; apply the whitening gel and add the light. The result will be seen in 20 minutes. Use the maintenance pen overnight. Avoid red wine, tea and coffee, and do not smoke to keep the teeth white and stain free. Avoid candy, black tea, chocolate, dark soda, and berries for 24 hours.
The product lightens the teeth up to 7 shades; no sensitivity, no pain, no harm to the enamel. The blue light from the heat lamp will activate the hydrogen peroxide to lighten the teeth. Safe for veneers, caps and crowns.

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